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1978 Maplewood Arts Center
1978 Springfield Avenue
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Gallery Hours During Exhibitions:
Saturday & Sunday, 2-5pm

Visual Passion : On Love

A Collaboration by Artists: Gerard Amsellem and Mikel Frank

Explore the topic of visual passion and the light and dark sides of love through art installation, live interactive painting, film, performance art, video art, music and poetry.

Instead of going into the gallery and looking at work on the walls,  you can become a part of this exhibition, whether you prefer to express yourself in paint, words or video stop by and add your voice to this multimedia, interactive community collaboration exploring the many facets of Love

Gerard and Mikel, will be painting together live during the Visual Passion Experience finale weekend, or stop by on the weekends to watch the installation progress.


Mikel and Gerard


follow their progress and get news updates at














Five Doors Collaboration

Opening Times

Dates: Sunday, July 1 through Sunday July 29, 2012

Open Hours: The artists will be building the installations throughout the month of July. Stop by on the weekend to see their progress

Open public hours Saturdays and Sundays 2 - 5pm.

The Visual Passion Experience

Thursday July 26 - Sunday 29th

Begin your journey with two installation/environment in the front windows of Gallery 1978, which examine the light side and dark side of love. While in the environments you can put on headphones and watch the various interviews of people answering questions on love or just listen to the soundtrack created by Mikel and Gerard. Immerse yourself in the experience and take a moment to reflect.

At the center of the gallery witness Mikel and Gerard working together on live collaborative paintings as part of the Visual Passion Experience

Moving deeper into Gallery 1978 and continuing on your Experience you will find the "Creation Station" where you can paint your own visual interpretations of love on a 12"x12" canvas. These paintings will be made into a mosaic and exhibited throughout the run of the show.
If you prefer writing to painting you can also add your personal interpretations, quotes or stories on love at the blackboard wall called "The Writing on the Wall"

Before you complete The Visual Passion Experience, if you wish, you too can make a video recording by answering questions on love.


Free Admission - Family Friendly

Program of Events

Thursday July 26, 6 - 9 pm:

The Visual Passion Experience opens with a welcome toast by the artists before the experience begins. Don't be late! You may miss something.

Friday July 27, 2 - 7 pm: The Visual Passion Experience continues.

7-9pm Live music performance by The Visual Passion Trio and poetry readings in different languages with paintings on love displayed to accompany love poems.

Saturday July 28, 2 - 6 pm: The Visual Passion Experience continues.

  6:30 pm Richard Einhorn speaks about Voices of Light and The Passion of Joan of Arc

  7 pm Screening of The Passion of Joan of Arc with Voices of Light soundtrack

Sunday July 29, 2 - 4 pm The Visual Passion Experience continues.

4 - 5:30 pm  Sew Each Other/See Each Other -- a performance event by Gerard Amsellem and Mikel Frank with volunteers.

6 - 9pm Closing party with a special digital projection piece by Matt Starr created specifically for The Visual Passion: On Love show

Closing Event featuring work by Matt Starr


Art materials donated by


The artists wish to thank Jerry's Artist Outlet, 1978 Maplewood Arts Center, The Rotary Club and many other generous friends and family for their support of this project.